Rehabilitation Pre -Post Operative / Traumatic

Rehabilitation Pre -Post Operative / Traumatic
Rehabilitation (pre-operative) begins even before the operation.
The purpose of this branch of physiotherapy is to avoid muscle atrophy caused by the immobility post-surgical and patient teaching, teaching him some exercises to be carried out during the entire period of physiotherapy. In this way, the patient will then have to learn new exercises, but just retrieve those already held and rehabilitation will be more focused and effective.
Not all surgery is necessary or possible to preset a pre-operative rehabilitation: for example, it can not be programmed into the traumatic event in which a solution is required instant surgery, while you can program in those circumstances in which the operation is scheduled.
In any case, immediately after surgery (prosthesis, ligament reconstructions, tendon reconstructions, etc. osteosynthesis Etc.) or trauma, must necessarily make use of rehabilitation (
Post Operative / Traumatic).
A targeted rehabilitation program is essential to obtain a good result after trauma or surgery. Depending on the type of lesion found and the type of intervention to which you are subject came, it was decided that an appropriate rehabilitation protocol should take into account the various objective and subjective factors of the patient, his expectations, and timing of planned objectives.



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