Postural assessment

The postural evaluation studies the postural system whose purpose is to keep the center of gravity constantly in balance, both in static conditions and in motion through a huge amount of information, from systems or sensory receptors, such as:
» Foot
» Oculomotor system

» Vestibular System
» Musculo skeletal

» System - occluded cranio- mandibular
» Skin and Scars

» Psychosomatic factors

In assessing the degree of adaptation of the many subsystems of the posture to be based on clinical, laboratory examinations, the history and observation of the subject. The individual will be examined, in orthostatic position (standing), supine and prone, in the three spatial planes (frontal, sagittal and transverse).

It is therefore designed a case of problematic ascending and/or descending on which they depend static adaptations which should, if possible, be corrected.


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