Postural re-education
The postural re-education includes all the teachings directed to the education of proper posture.
The posture identifies the position of the body in space at all times , both in the static situation is dynamic . It is also the result of a structural balance and functional put in place by our musculoskeletal system .
An alteration of this equilibrium determines a transformation that inevitably , in the long run , it can lead to a situation of physical pain ( back pain, sciatica, cervical and other pains ) .
The physical therapist studies the patient in his movements and attitudes static , and draw up a program of postural re-education personalized , based on on stretching and strengthening certain muscle groups , exercises on static and dynamic effects on respiration.
A good postural re-education and the right practical advice will guide the patient to change , day after day, the mistakes made in everyday life , improving their quality of life.