Human Tecartherapy
The CRET therapy is identified as one of the treatments more efficiently and quickly in the treatment of many diseases of the joints , muscles and bones and joints , both acute and chronic . Use the TECAR means resorting to advanced technology , proven in scientific and patent that has transformed the world of physiotherapy. The centerpiece of the method a revolutionary principle that acts in biological tissues deep in a natural way and not at all invasive , activating the healing process from the inside and inflammation .
Integrated curative and preventive intervention of physiotherapy to the singularity to stimulate deep into the lymphatic and circulatory systems , HUMAN CRET allows unexpected progress in the treatment of many pathologies osteoarticular and muscular , acute and chronic , greatly limiting the time and cost .
• Recovery time shortened, action on this deep , localized and homogeneous.
• Results timely and stable data from the stimulation and dall'irrobustimento capacity for self-repair of tissues.
• Immediate pain relief determined by the strong analgesic effect due to the reactivation of the microcirculation.
• Early mobilization thanks to the flexibility of the therapy and the possibility of repeating it several times , even during the same day.
The HUMAN CRET therapy for these features opens up new scenarios of Physiotherapy Preventive and Curative , in sport and for diseases more commonly found (cervical pain , back pain, contractures , muscle and tendon injuries , sprains and bone and joint and tendon inflammation and other diseases the whose primary symptom is pain ) .
The study FisioHEALTH physiotherapy is a specialized center HUMAN TECAR and as such it is proposed to make available the most advanced science of functional recovery to a wide audience with the need for specific treatment effects but with the need for rapid rehabilitation and stable over time.